From our experience, once you are over the immediate issues,eventually you find yourself entering the ‘new normal’. It is now time to reconsider your overall objectives and realign your goals. 

You may need to allow yourself to grieve, as you are forced to let go of some of your old dreams and embrace the new.

New goals for your family as a whole 

Reviewing what is really important to you as individuals and setting new goals can be a liberating process. If it is linked to what is motivating you at a deeper level, it provides something to look forward to.

Some points to consider as you adjust your long term goals:

  • If you have other children, have you considered their needs in terms of education and emotional support?
  • Dealing with the family’s accommodation needs
  • Considering changes to work situation
  • Factoring in your family support structure
  • Protecting the marriage relationship

New long term financial plan and keeping on track

Your ‘new normal’ can be ‘stress tested’ using rigorous cash flow modelling, providing comfort that, based on the assumptions, you have the best chance of achieving your future goals. Various alternatives or scenarios can be considered before your final future plan is agreed.

You must also ensure that you have a process in place to keep on track and deal with changes to legislation and government benefits along the way.

Adapting for changes to your special needs child’s long term requirements 

Often with your child at an early age, you are not fully able to ascertain what their requirements will be like longer term. Later down the track, you need to look at:

  • Will their condition improve or regress? 
  • Will they be able to work? 
  • Where are they going to live long term? 
  • Will there be an impact on your own plans for retirement?

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