Future proof your hard work

You should finally have a clear frame of mind to review your families goals and start enjoying some stability again.

It's time to think about your child's future as they grow into adulthood, things like their accommodation and long term Centrelink benefits. Consider scenarios that affect their education and living arrangements.

It pays to analyse the situation as life progresses and circumstances change. Legislation and insurance changes can effect the outcome of your hard work, so keep an eye on this.

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Looking ahead

New considerations for your family

Here are a couple of points to consider as you adjust long term goals

  • Education and needs of the other children
  • Dealing with changes to government benefits and the family’s accommodation needs
  • Changes to work situation?
  • Factoring in family support structure
  • Protecting the marriage relationship

Don't go it alone!

You aren't alone in your journey so partner with others who are going through or have gone through similar struggles.  Contact Spectrum Planning today!